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Bridge, Road changes Wainiyavu

The recent road realignment and bridge upgrading at Wainiyavu village in the Province of Namosi has made some positive changes for the lives of people there. Villager, 71yr old Walelevu Bati said their plea for assistance has finally been heard by the Bainimarama Government.
Mr Bati was caught up during the tour to the province yesterday by the Divisional Commissioner Central, Lt Col Laisenia Tuitubou.
An emotional Bati said a lot of difficulties by the villagers were now a thing of the past especially in the transportation of their produce to the markets. “When there was no road, we used to take our produce down the river to Navua which is about a week. 
“That one week is no more. With the road realignment and bridge upgrading, it’s take us only one – two hours to reach Navua or even go and sell in Suva.
“Selling dalo is also done at our doorstep. This was only made possible through the recent road and bridge construction from Government,” Mr Bati said with a smile. With about eighty families; more than two hundred people and a village school – things continue to change for the better for the villagers of Wainiyavu.
Mr Bati also acknowledged the continuous visits by Government to rural communities and hoped that his fellow villagers will take advantage of Government assistance. “We are grateful for the visit and hoped that villagers will take advantage of the road and bridge by planting more dalo as the transportation of the produce is now made easier,” he added.
Divisional Commissioner Central, Lt Col Tuitubou said the project was identified to improve the livelihood rural Fijians. 

While resources are abundant in rural areas, Mr Tuitubou said it needs to be unlocked for the benefit of rural communities.
He added that Government is committed to addressing the needs of rural Fijians and that they will try their best to improve the situations faced by rural communities. “We will continue to maintain the viability of rural communities and bring new life to many other communities which have seen years of decline,” Lt. Col Tuitubou added.
The road realignment and bridge upgrading was funded by Government under the Public Sector Investment Project at a cost of $674,000.00.
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