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New Boat and Engine to Improve Livelihood


Waikona community members have commended Government for assisting them with a boat and an engine this year in efforts to increase their fish supply.

Speaking on behalf of the community, Watisoni Raikadroka said the assistance was timely as fishing was their main source of income.

Watisoni Raikadroka beside the fiber glass boat donated by the Commissioner Western Office under the self help program
Watisoni Raikadroka beside the fiber glass boat donated by the Office of the Commissioner Western under the self-help program

Mr Raikadroka said the assistance has empowered the twelve families that live in Waikona on the outskirt of Tavua town to tackle poverty, improve education for their children and fight daily difficulties in their lives to bring a brighter future.   

Further, Mr Raikadroka said that the supply of fish has increased and money earned by the communities has also increased since the handing over of the boat and engine early this year to them.

“On behalf of our community, I would like to acknowledge government and the Commissioner Western office for this assistance. We are excited about the assistance. For the first time, we have seen a Government that has given so much importance to rural people,” Mr Raikadroka said.

Commissioner Western Division, Manasa Tagicakibau said the assistance was part of a bigger initiative by Government to partner with local communities to improve their lives economically and socially.

“The assistance provided an opportunity for the beneficiaries to earn income for families and at the same time improve their lives socially and economically,” Mr Tagicakibau said.

Mr Tagicakibau said the assistance is funded under the ministry’s self-help programme this year at a cost of $17,000.00.

He said that it was their hope that the assistance would assist the Waikona community as they aspire to improve their livelihood.