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Our Responsibilities

The Ministry will align to the Government's intent to promote growth, reduce poverty and address rural to urban drift through the provision of basic social amenities and incentives for increasing incomes from farming and marine resources.
The Ministry's role is to oversee the overall achievement of rural people and the Ministry's Vision of a Productive, Progressive and Resilient Rural Communities by championing the sustainable socio-economic development of rural communities through an integrated development approach.
This approach will encourage the increased contribution of rural economies to the export sector, by improving land utilization and infrastructure development, as well as encouraging domestic production for food security and import substitution.

With the Integrated Framework the Ministry aspires to;
• Strengthen leadership capacity in rural communities to drive community based development initiatives.
• Carry out community capacity building to enhance community resilience and ownership of their own development initiatives, and reduce their dependence on government resources.
• Ensure appropriate services are available to meet basic community needs and focuses on intervention to provide security for vulnerable groups, families and individuals.
• Assist rural people to have access to financial institutions that will encourage their ability to save and invest.
• Assist people to be active in their communities and to engage with Government in the design and delivery of services.
• Assist communities to be safe and secure by adopting best practices in disaster response and mitigation.
• Provide easy access to Government services and information.
• Ensure effective implementation of statutory and legislative obligation.