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A Government Roadshow are an initiative to take services offered by the government and its partners closer to remote rural and maritime communities. Coordinated by the Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development and National Disaster Management through the Office of the Divisional Commissioners, Government Roadshows aim to provide services of Government and its partners from one central location for the targeted population. This allows remote rural dwellers to access several basic public services in one location at a minimal cost.

Roadshows are part of the wider vision to empower rural communities and to ensure progressively that every Fijian has access to basic services. Fijians in rural communities may spend large sums of money to access services that they deserve and have a right to. Roadshows take services to those who need it the most at the cost of Government.

Remote or isolated rural and maritime communities that face challenges in accessing government services due to geography and travel costs are targeted for roadshows.

Government and its partners, both in the non-government and private sectors, provide a wide range of services to the targeted population. In the past, a few of these services and products have included:
  • Births, marriages, and death registrations and issuance of certificates by the Ministry of Justice
  • Provision of agricultural technical assistance and advice to farmers by the Ministry of Agriculture
  • FNPF and Tax Identification Number (TIN) Registrations by Fiji Revenue Customs Authority
  • Issuance of Drivers Licenses and Learners Permit by the Land Transport Authority
  • Free health and dental consultation and treatments by the Ministry of Health
  • Issuance of housing plans and rural housing advice by the Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development and National Disaster Management
  • Social schemes awareness and service provision by Ministry of Women, Children, and Poverty Alleviation
  • Certification of documents by Justice of the Peace
  • Weather Advice by the Fiji Meteorological Services
  • Services by the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs
  • Programme awareness by the Ministry of Youth and Sports
  • Career advice by the Republic of Fiji Military Forces
  • Awareness on crime and drugs by Fiji Police Force
  • Awareness and volunteer signups by the Fiji Red Cross
  • Rural banking services by ANZ Bank

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