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Lusiana Kaisau and with her family in front of her new home currently under construction under the Rural Housing AssistanceABOUT THE PROGRAMME

The primary objective of the scheme is to eliminate homelessness in Fiji’s rural and maritime communities through the provision of affordable, durable and cyclone resistant structures.


Under the Social Justice Act 2001, Government through the Ministry has an obligation to provide for a programme that supports self-help housing assistance to Fijian, Rotumans and Banabans who permanently reside in villages and rural settlements recognized by a Provincial Council, the Council of Rotuma or the Rabi Council of Leaders.

The scheme is targeted at Fijians registered in the Vola ni Kawa Bula; Rotumans as defined under the Rotuma Act; and Banabans as defined under the Banaban Settlement Act residing in rural areas who meet the following criteria:
• They must live permanently in a village or rural settlement recognized by the Provincial Council, the Council of Rotuma and the Rabi Council Leaders;
• They must not already own a house;
• The application must be endorsed by the Turaga ni Koro or other authorized persons.

There are two categories of assistance that can be funded under this program
RHA Scheme 1: The scheme involves the purchase and transportation of building materials from the supplier to the project applicant.
RHA Scheme 2: Under this Scheme project applicant/community provides one third of the total cost of the project, while the Government through the Ministry provides 2/3rds of the total cost of the building materials. A standard house plan with of a 24’x16’ is provided by the Rural Housing Unit for this programme.

Assistance offered by RHU includes: Technical Consultation and advice; Provision of standard plans; Purchase/Delivery of building materials. Supervision of community building projects and other services approved by the Permanent Secretary for Rural & Maritime Development and National Disaster Management.

Those who cannot be assisted by the Housing Authority and Home Finance, or other lending agencies and resides permanently in villages and for community building projects in areas not covered by Local Authority and Urban By-Laws are encouraged to apply. Assistance also cover those who are eligible under the FNPF Village Housing

Our Technical staff based on locations below is available for technical advice to those who are interested in building their own houses in their villages and/or settlements. Our technical staffs are based at the following locations:
Ministry Headquarter, Suva;
Commissioner Western Office, Lautoka;
Commissioner Central Office, Nasuori; and
Commissioner Northern Office, Labasa.

RHA Scheme 1: Every new client is required to open an account with a minimum deposit of $1000.00 maintained by the Ministry
RHA Scheme 2: Materials will be purchased and delivered to the project site by the Ministry of Rural & Maritime Development and National Disaster Management

Material purchased will be delivered to the project site and as for applicants from the maritime areas, materials are shipped and unloaded at the nearest wharf or jetty where road access is limited.

Drawings for standard open, two or three bedroom type houses, community hall and church buildings in concrete or timber frame are available. Standard plan will be sold at $2.25 per copy of A4 copies, $3.60 for A1 copies.

Interested applicants are required to fill in the standard application form. The Application should be completed in triplicate, one copy to be retained by the Applicant and two copies to be submitted to the Provincial Administrator in your province no later than 15th February for consideration in the new budget year. Any Application lodged direct to HQ in Suva will be re-directed to the District Office. It is a criminal offence to provide false information or declaration. 

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