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Amrita Reglin Prakash of Maqere settlement Tavua acknowledged govt for the assistanceABOUT THE PROGRAMME

The aim of the programme is to assist rural and maritime communities in the construction of small infrastructural and income generating projects.

There are two categories of funding assistance under the programme:
Category 1: these are social or non income generating projects which benefits a wider section of the community.
Category 2: these are income generating projects which benefit the individuals, groups and communities.

Under this programme funding is on a cost-sharing basis of one third contribution from individuals, groups and communities and two thirds from government. Contribution may be in kind for cases where individuals, groups and communities do not have capacity to pay cash contribution. The monetary value of in kind contribution should be equivalent or more than the one third cash contribution.

Funding assistance ranges from $1,500 to $25,000.00.
This assistance is directed where no other assistance is provided by other line Ministries/Agencies or in cases where they have exhausted their funding.

All applicants must fill required form available at Divisional Offices and District Offices;
Applicants must be permanent rural dwellers recognized by the Turaga ni Koro/District Advisory Council or the Provincial Council;
All projects are to part of the village or settlement Development Plan;
Community Groups and individual income generating projects are to be assed and endorsed by the respective Line Ministries/Agencies before submissions to Provincial Administrators (PA’s) and District Officers (DO’s); and
All 1/3 contribution must be deposited into an account provided by the Ministry and must be equivalent or more than 1/3 of the total cost of the project.

The scheme does not include purchasing of vehicles and equipment that are not sustainable and any activity political in nature.

All duly completed proposal forms are to be received by the PA’s and DO’s no later than 15th of February every year for consideration in the next financial year;
After receiving the Proposals, PA’s and DO’s will vet and ensure that all information is captured;
A consolidated list will then be submitted to the District and/or Provincial Development Board for discussion;
A short list will be submitted to the Divisional Commissioners for final consideration;
Applicants will be advised on/before the 30th of June on the result of their applications.

Examples of projects that qualify for funding under the scheme includes:

Category 1:
  • Housing;
  • Foot Crossing;
  • Minor Electrical Works;
  • Water Supply;
  • Foot paths and;
  • Ablution Blocks and Flush Toilets
Category 2:
Income Generating Projects such as fishing, forestry, agricultural related and other projects approved by the Permanent Secretary for Rural and Maritime Development.

Interested applicants are required to fill in the standard application form. The Application should be completed in triplicate, one copy to be retained by the Applicant and two copies to be submitted to the Provincial Administrator in your province no later than 15th February every year for consideration in the new budget year. Any Application lodged direct to HQ in Suva will be re-directed to the District Office. It is a criminal offence to provide false information or declaration.
Application forms for self-help projects can be found here.

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