Seafaring Enterpreneurial Assistance (SEA) Programme


The Seafaring Entrepreneurial Assistance (SEA) Programme was previously administered by the Ministry of Finance, whereby 50 potential recipients from Fiji’s maritime regions received a maximum grant of $10,000 towards the purchase of a fully equipped and operational fiberglass boat.

The Programme has been assigned to the Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development and Disaster Management in this financial year.

Assistance offered under the SEA Programme will be on a cost-sharing basis between the applicant and the Government. The type of boat to be purchased can be either fiberglass or wooden.

                     TRANSPORTATION                                                            FISHING

                     Boat                                                                                       Boat 

                      · 23 feet wide fiberglass boat                                          · 23 feet wide fiberglass boat

                      ·  wooden ferries                                                            ·  wooden ferries

                    Engine                                                                                   Engine 

                      ·  Up to 60 HP                                                                ·  Up to 60 HP


                                                                                                                   Fishing Accessories 



                  • Application is open to individual and community.
                  • Targetted at Maritime/Coastal/Riverbank Communities
                  • Applicant must have a Boat Master Licence
                  • 1/3 cash contribution
                  • Individual applicants must have a combined annual household income of $30,000 or less.