Five households get improved water source after 40 years

Caption: Minister for Rural and Maritime Development and Disaster Management Hon. Sakiasi Ditoka, Permanent Secretary for Rural and Maritime Development and Disaster Management Mr. Isoa Talemaibua, Commissioner Central Division Mr. Josefo Navuku and Provincial Administrator (PA) Namosi Mr. Laisenia Tui with residents of Wainimoliura Settlement in the district of Wainikoroiluva after the commissioning of their water project last week.

SUVA – For at least 40 years, residents of Wainimoliura Settlement in the district of Wainikoroiluva in the interior of Namosi depended on a nearby stream to fetch water for their daily livelihood.

During adverse weather, members of the five households that make up the small community of Wainimoliura would have to walk at least more than one kilometer to fetch water from the nearby village of Navunikabi as their primary water source would be contaminated.

Last week marked the end to their decades of struggles as the Minister for Rural and Maritime Development and Disaster Management, Hon. Sakiasi Ditoka commissioned their new and improved water project funded under the Ministry’s Self-Help Programme (SHP).

Mr. Donato Ravusali relocated to Wainimoliura Settlement from neighboring Narukunibua Village in 1986. Since then, the father-of-three said they had been relying on a nearby stream for water for daily consumption.

“We have been drinking water from this stream since then. There are livestocks at farms located upstream from our settlement, and therefore the risk of water-borne diseases was always serious. This was one of the issues we were always worried about. Four years ago, we had a typhoid outbreak in our settlement and there was a lockdown to keep us from traveling outside of our settlement due to the outbreak. But today, we have been successful recipients of this assistance from the Government and we are very thankful that our plight was able to be addressed,” Mr Ravusali said.

Completed at a cost of about $6,000, the project included the construction of a mini dam and tank base, the procurement and supply of a 10,000-litre water tank, and the installation of piping and standpipes.  The project also included the installation of guttering materials that will be the secondary water supplier to the tank.

Mother-of-one Ms. Sinate Jiyawa said one of the biggest fears mothers in the settlement used to face was the consumption of water fetched from the nearby stream by their children.

“We used to be worried about our children’s health since we were consuming untreated water. Although we would boil water before drinking, we were still worried about their health. But with the commissioning of our very own water project, we are very relieved because not only can we access water in our homes, but we also no longer have to walk to the stream to fetch water for daily sustenance. This assistance by the Government will truly assist young mothers like me, and for that, we are thankful to the Government, the Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development, and all stakeholders involved in the implementation of this project,” said the 24-year-old.

In commissioning the project, Minister Ditoka said completion of the Wainimoliura Water Project was a testament to the Coalition Government’s commitment to ensuring that those living in remote rural communities were not left behind in developments such as having access to water.

“This project was completed through a partnership between the Government and the members of the community here at Wainimoliura, and today we are excited to witness that members of this remote rural community can have access to piped water from their doorstep. This project will contribute towards will contribute towards enhancing living standards in this community, and improved sanitation. This initiative underscores the fundamental right to access to water, and I urge community members to responsibly maintain and manage this important water project,” Hon. Ditoka stated.

Caption:Minister for Rural and Maritime Development and Disaster Management Hon. Sakiasi Ditoka cuts a ribbon to mark the commissioning of the Wainimoliura Water Project in the district of Wainikoroiluva in Namosi.